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Member Projects n' Planes
Here are some of our EAA Chapter 1246 Member projects and aircraft. Click on any of the member's names or their aircraft photographs to learn more about their project or aircraft. If your aircraft is not listed, we want to see it. Email your pictures, along a short description to the Webmaster. If already have a website for your aircraft, we will set up a link to it directly from this page.

Bill W. DuCharme's Pulsar XP
Bob Rogers' Mustang II
Boyd Goldman's RV-6
Calvin Coffey's Cessna 170
Charles Godber's Bonanza D-35
Chuck Roberts' Bonanza H-35
Dave Bertram's Velocity XLRG
Dave Seymour's Cessna 182 B
David Williford's Stagger EZ
David Wilson's Glasair Super II S FT
Dean Eiland's RV-9
Dean Fellows RV-6
Dick Dumais' Legend cub
Dick Flunker's RV-6A
Dick Stephens' Hatz Classic
Garry Ackerman's Skybolt
Garry and Janne's Stinson SR-7B
James Redmon's Berkut
Jeff Ferraro's Grumman American AA-5B
Jim Sico's Bonanza B-33
Jim Wilson's Firebolt
Ken Jordan's KR-2
Ken Morris's RV-7A
Ken Reiter's Cozy III
Larry Spears' Cessna 172
Lucian Napier's X-Air
Mark Reid's RV-7
Marvin Brott's RV-8
Matt Cotherman's Bearhawk
Mel Asberry's RV-6 and Murphy Renegade
Mike Laney 1956 Cessna 172
Mike Pollock's Velocity
Mike Schipper's RV-10
Mike Schipper's RV-9A
Norm Lindsey's Cessna 210 E
Omar Filipovic's GlaStar
Omri Kalinsky's APIS M
Pete Huff's White Lightning
Reilly Tucker's Cirrus
Rich Guerra's Velocity XL RG
Robert Allenís Hummelbird
Robert Allen's Luscombe
Scott Humphrey's Cozy III
Steve Aughinbaugh's Piper Cherokee 180
Timothy Smith's Sonex
Todd Agold's Sonex
Tom and Jeff Ferraro's Stinson Reliant
Tom Ferraro's Piper Pacer
Tom Ferraro's Skybolt
Tom Moore's RV-7A
EAA Chapter 1246 - Webmaster