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David Williford's Stagger EZ - Return to Project n' Planes

A former EAA AirVenture Grand Champion finds a new home in Texas. This unique one off variant of Burt Rutan's EZ designs has looks, style, and can carry three folks comfortably with luggage at 200 miles an hour. It taxi's like a dream, due to the main gear being spread out further than any of the EZ's. It has unmatched visibility - with the exception of the F-16. With the electric retractable nose gear, it bows down so passengers and crew can board with ease. It has been described as a "work of art" by fellow EZ pilots. I'm not the designer nor builder, but it's new care taker and custodian.

I just wanted to share some pictures with you'all and hopefully a conversation or two when we meet at the airfield.

EAA Chapter 1246 - Webmaster