What is EAA?
The Experimental Aircraft Association is an organization that promotes all forms of recreational aviation. The EAA was organized in 1953 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by some individuals who were interested in building their own aircraft. Over the years it has grown to include all types of aircraft, from ultralights to commercially manufactured aircraft. An interest in aviation is the common denominator that brings our people together, in good fellowship and sharing. The EAA is a national organization and has local chapters, such as ours, all over the world. You don't have to be a pilot to join in, the only requirement is a love for aviation. Chapter monthly meetings are on the First Saturday of Every Month. HEY! Join our Facebook Group!

Chapter News and Announcements

Chapter Meetings - First Saturday Coffee and Donuts
We're having Free coffee and donuts for everyone on the 1st Saturday of every month at Pat Long's Hangar in the McKinney Hangar Owners Association area at the Collin County Regional Airport in McKinney, TX. We gather at 9:30 am. You don't have to be a member to join in, the only requirement is a love for aviation. Non-members can be added to our email notification list by emailing Treasurer@eaa1246.org. Check our Event Calendar for Dates and Times. Click HERE for a Map! You don't have to be a member to attend. See you there!

In Loving Memory of Bob Rogers
In the vast expanse of sky, where dreams take flight, Two souls soared together, their spirits alight. Through turbulence and calm, they navigated the blue, Their bond unbreakable, their friendship true. They shared the cockpit, side by side, Guiding their metal steed with skill and pride. The wind whispered secrets, the clouds held their trust, As they chased the horizon, leaving earthly dust. In the cockpit banter, laughter took flight, Stories of adventures, of stars in the night. They faced the unknown, their courage unwavering, Two pilots, two friends, their legacy engraving. And when the final flight came, as all journeys must, They parted ways, but their memories would trust. For in the tapestry of time, their names forever etched, Two aviators, two friends, their spirits stretched. So raise a toast to the skies, where they now soar, Their wings of friendship forevermore. In memory of your dear friend, the pilot who flew, May the heavens echo their laughter, their bond renewed.

Our Videos!

Check out all the fun we're having!

1st Saturday Coffee and Donuts with Dave Roesch, McKinney National Airport Tower Controller Manager - EAA Chapter 1246

Our EAA Chapters Young Eagle Event! Thanks to everyone that helped pull off this great event!

EAA Chapter 1246 Young Eagles, McKinney, TX - EAA Chapter 1246

Our EAA Chapters Young Eagle Event! Thanks to everyone that helped pull off this great event!

Andrew Silver's Robinson R22 Beta Helicopter - EAA Chapter 1246

Andrew takes us on a tour of his Robinson R22 Helicopter, inside and out. Full detail about this fantastic helicopter.

EAA Chapter 1246 Coffee and Donuts - Special Cirrus Aircraft Presentation - EAA Chapter 1246

Great meeting today! 50+ people in attendance! A big Thank You goes out to Bart Roberts from Cirrus Aircraft of McKinney, TX, for a great presentation.

EAA Chapter 1246 Coffee and Donuts - Tom and Jeff Ferraro's 1938 Stinson SR10J - EAA Chapter 1246

Great time had by all, PLUS a fantastic presentation by Tom Ferraro about their 1938 Stinson SR10J.

Chapter Coffee and Donuts - PLUS Cozy Mk IV 4-Place Canard Tour - EAA Chapter 1246

See John Cerney's Cozy Mk IV 4-Place Canard! Fun had by all at our monthly First Saturday Coffee and Donuts event. More information HERE: https://www.EAA1246.org/ EAA Chapter 1246, McKinney, TX. The Friendliest EAA Chapter in Texas!

EAA Chapter 1246 August Coffee and Donuts - McKinney National Airport, TX - EAA Chapter 1246

EAA Chapter 1246 August 2023 Coffee and Donuts. Loyal folks, even in the August HEAT!

July 2023 - Coffee and Donuts, and Young Eagles! - EAA Chapter 1246

18 Young Eagles flown! Lot's of donuts and great coffee. Fun had by all!

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McKinney National Airport (KTKI)
1500 Industrial Blvd
McKinney, TX 75069
Email: President@EAA1246.org

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